Norton Antivirus is a leading antivirus or perhaps anti-spyware software program product, made and distributed by NortonLifeLock as part of the Norton group of computer security goods. It employs heuristic and signature algorithms to spot malicious viruses and other threats. Different features included within it are standard e-mail blocking and over the internet phishing coverage. It also delivers free virus scanning and repair on demand.

This antivirus method uses the Microsoft Home windows Service Provider (MS SP) that acts as the interface between your software as well as the system. The interface gives the user the capability to define several custom protection features, and this can be individually or perhaps combined pertaining to greater reliability and flexibility. There are various components of this product such as Glass windows Live Search, Windows Defense, Windows Safety Maintenance, House windows Search, House windows Matchmaker, Windows Parental Control, Windows Internet Explorer, Windows Firewall, Windows BitDefender Antivirus, Microsoft windows Internet Sector, Windows Enterprise Administrator, and Microsoft windows Family Basic safety. It is necessary to include a Microsoft company Windows Hardware running in this product to operate normally. Additional required program that’s needed is to be installed on the computer to work with this applications are Microsoft Expression, Excel, Belief and PowerPoint.

This application is one of the most popular and reliable anti-virus applications in the market today. It comes with a free sample period of fourty days, after which a person has becoming a registered consumer to use the product. A person can either purchase the product downright or pick the software through the Company’s website. There are also other antivirus software applications that are available in the market including AVG Absolutely free, Norton, Kaspersky, Symantec JERK 32, McAfee, Panda and so forth